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Loving Relationships - Dating Safety

This whole web site is about fun, games, music, holidays and parties, in other words - it is about ENJOYING LIFE.
Do NOT put your LIFE or wellbeing in danger by taking silly risks when arranging a first meeting or blind date, follow these few simple rules below.

Be safe - sensible rules, advice & tips for your first date.

Most dating agencies have a membership system that offers you a "code or psuedo name" and a means of anonymous contact (usually by internal site e-mail) so NEVER give out your full real name, home address, telephone number or any other sensitive personal information until you feel comfortable.

Until you really get to know and trust your new date, there is no need to disclose your own external email address. You should be able to continue to send and receive emails via the agencies email system.

When you do decide you would like to speak to your new date, contact one another by telephone, use a mobile phone. Do NOT provide a home telephone number or address.

When you're ready to see someone in person, arrange to meet in a busy, well-lit public place. Don't let anyone pick you up or meet you at your office or home. Let a trusted friend or relative know where you are going, how you are getting there, when you are expected to arrive and when you are expected home. Tell them where you are at regular intervals on your date. (Some very timid or nervous people have even had the trusted friend attend the same venue for the first date, just to keep an eye on the dating couple from the shadows)

If at any point you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, trust your instincts and end the meeting. If you don't wish to ever see your date again, be honest and tell them firmly in a considerate way.

When on your early dates drink responsibly. NEVER leave your drink unattended or drink anything that has an unusual taste. Alcohol can be used to disguise date rape drugs.

Remember you are in control. It is your descision who you make contact with and who you don't.
Do NOT put yourself at risk, trust your instincts. If you do continue to receive messages after you have said NO to further contact, you should block that member through the agencies system.