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Welcome to MARDI GRA, here you can find everything you ever need to know about Mardi Gras : Happy Holidays, Hotels & Cruises.

the purpose of existence? : Live Life, Enjoy it !

If you feel the need to "live life" "live free" & "enjoy life" in a spiritual way rather than in a materialistic sense then please visit the many mind, body, spirit & religious sites on the internet.

If however you want to be more hedonistic in your enjoyment then anywhere in the Caribbean or the Gulf coast is an excellent starting point for holidays to this part of the world, there is so much to do and see especially at the time of Mardigras!

You could start at New Orleans, known as the City of Festivals, it has a real mix of musical richness, although jazz has always been considered "the" music of New Orleans, there is also Cajun, Blues, Gospel, Zydeco and even New-Age Rock finds passionate expression in this city that never sleeps, music and merryment surround you wherever you go. Old New Orleans and the French Quarter are ideal for a walking tourist, the meandering streets take you on a multi- cultural journey through history and time, tiring of walking? then hop on a tram, all the historic districts are well served by the frequent and regular trams. The food of New Orleans is just as diverse as the people and the music, fine French cuisine or casual Creole or Cajun and many many more tastes catered for. If you do start your holiday in Orleans, use it as a gateway to Louisiana and "the Deep South" take a boat trip up Old Man River Mississippi, or ride an airboat through the swamps, both are things to do before...?

There are several other cities in the deep south and gulf region that have Mardigras carnivals or very similar festival events.

Tampa, Florida - has the Gasperilla Festival (from Jose' Gasper the famed pirate) much of the carnival is based on a pirate theme with mock battles and floats dressed as pirate ships.

Mobile, Alabama - The most traditional of celebrations, second only to New Orleans, Mobile's carnival is dedicated to the original idea of Mardigra 'Royalty' and Balls. The krewes Kings & Queens are almost hereditary in that they are only chosen from a select band born into the krewe, this has the effect of building tradition and antiquity into the balls & parades making them the richest and most ornate of the whole Mardigras season.

Galveston, Texas - has set aside an area of the city to host the festival style celebration each season. There are up to 14 days of masked balls, events and parades sponsored by the krewes of the city.

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