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Welcome to the MARDI GRA, here you can find everything you ever wanted or needed to know about Mardi Gras :

Mardi Grass despite it's original old french origins, means a joy of life, fun, parties, dancing, music, costumes & celebrations often in the form of festivals and carnivals - which usually take place after 12th night & before Ash Wednesday. The actual MardiGras day (Fat Tuesday) this year is 4th March 2014.

On this site you will find information and links for absolutely everything that Mardi Gra stands for. The Mardi Gras history page shows this celebration can be traced back to ancient Rome and how it usurped older Pagan festivities & incorporated them into christian religious culture.


For your party, celebration, festival, feast, dance or parade you can source costumes, masks, beads, music and food ideas. And if you put on a little too much weight during the fun times, you can even find healthy recipes and diets to help you get back into trim.

Feel that you would like to go to the Mardigras? There are dozens of MardiGra carnivals in cities around the Gulf, the deep South and also South America, all are an excellent holiday destination with a mix of 3, 4 or 5 star hotel accomodation, local or world cuisine, parades, music & dance, but most of all, the festivities are there to be enjoyed.

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